The new version contains some fixes and improvements. However, even for this version ANTLRv3.3 is needed to generate appropriate parsers. For more informations about that see below.

Furthermore a new JSourceObjectizer, based on the new grammar, will be released soon.

About the new grammars

The main improvement deals with the problem of balanced angle brackets of nested generic type parameters. The new solution for this problem seems to be very robust now - a lot of (JSourceObjectizer) tests have been written for that.

However, to generate parsers from this grammars the latest official ANTLRv3.4 can't be used for that because of a known bug in the official release. So you can either use ANTLRv3.3 (what I do) or - if you want/need to use ANTLRv3.4 for what ever reason - you can get a fixed ANTLRv3.4 from github (for more about this see the download pages at

A tiny JSourceObjectizer outlook

A new version of the JSourceObjectizer using the new grammar will be release within the next 1-2 weeks and, with thanks to a customer order, the new version number will jump from 1.07 to 1.50 :-)

The reason for this version jump is a nice new and comprehensive compareTo() feature supported for almost all JSOM types. This new feature allows to compare code fragments with some semantic intelligence. For instance, if two classes with equal fields, methods, constructors and/or whatever are compared, the comparison recognizes the classes as equal even if their contents occur in total different order. On the other hand, when two parameter lists are compared, the order of the parameters isn't arbitrary and therefore the order will be checked here.

But more about this with the release of the JSO V1.50.