HSD Versions Cleaner: New version (V1.3) available

HSD Versions Cleaner V1.2 has landed on the Mac App Store. This is primarily a maintenance release which improves the performance when handing events sent by the system. But there're also a few refinements on the UI side.

Update Feb 28, 2018: V1.2 has been replaced by V1.3. This new version addresses an issue when using a run-of-the-mill mouse (instead of an Apple mouse). 

Get the HSD Versions Cleaner V1.3 on the Mac App Store.


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JSourceObjectizer V1.59 available

This new minor release includes the following improvements and changes:

  • New Java® source modification method JavaSource.remove(ImportDeclaration).
  • Source compatibility changed to Java® 8 (i.e. when using the JSourceObjectizer Java® 8 or higher is required now) + appropriate internal adaptations.
  • Some internal cleanups.