HABELITZ Software Developments (HSD) is a small software company working on own projects and some freelancer tasks in the field of software development.


Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite simple:

  • We do not track our customers, neither through our software nor through our website.
  • We do not redirect any customer details to third parties, with a few exceptions:
    • Customer details may be handed out temporarily to such companies that accomplish certain tasks for us (for instance, outsourced book keeping tasks).
    • If we would be forced to do so by law.
  • We never sell customer details to third parties.
  • Cookies: We don't use tracking cookies. However, the content management system we use for our Web site uses session cookies for technical optimization, but they are not really required. So if you have set your browser to reject all cookies, loading certain pages repeatedly may be a tiny bit slower - there's no additional disadvantage beyond that.