HSD Versions Cleaner - An Overview



What you can do with it and what it can do for you

The HSD Versions Cleaner is a software tool for macOS which allows you to observe and delete old file versions. Old file versions are previous versions of certain documents. For instance, every time changes made to a document are saved by the system's Auto Save feature, a snapshot of the previous document's data is taken and saved somewhere else on disk. With Versions - another macOS feature - it is then possible to replace the current version of a certain document by any previous version that is saved for that document.

Fortunately, the system doesn't keep old file versions forever. However, depending on how often changes made to a document are saved and how many data a document contains (think of documents containing images or large spreadsheet documents, for example) the total count of old file versions may occupy a significant amount of disc space nevertheless.

The HSD Versions Cleaner gives you control over how many old file versions shall be kept for selected documents. You can delete a selection of old file versions manually or even define criteria when certain old file versions shall be deleted automatically.

Both observing and deleting old file versions is done within a single application window:


More Information

If you want to learn more about the HSD Versions Cleaner, please consult the online documentation.


If you ...

  • have any open question regarding the HSD Versions Cleaner for which you couldn't find an answer within its documentation
  • want to make a suggestion for what should absolutely be improved in a future version of this app
  • found a bug (hopefully not)

please don't hesitate to send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The HSD Versions Cleaner is in the final quality assurance phase now. Its release is scheduled for early September.

Update September 4: The app has been submitted to the Mac App Store for review on August 23 and its status has changed from 'Waiting For Review' to 'In Review' within just a few hours. However, the next status change seems to take a bit longer. 

Update September 11: The last status regarding the release of the HSD Versions Cleaner through Mac App Store hasn't changed up to now - the app is still 'In Review'. Because this delay starts to become unacceptable, we will look for an alternative distribution channel if this situation doesn't change very soon.

Update September 20/21: We have contacted the App Store team in order to ask why the HSD Versions Cleaner is still 'In Review', and we got an an answer saying 'We have escalated this information to the appropriate internal team.'.

Currently known issues and further information

The HSD Version Cleaner, its offline documentation, and macOS 10.13 High Sierra: Version 1.0 of the app runs quite well on macOS 10.13 High Sierra. There are just very few and tiny UI issues that will be fixed with the next release. There is, however, one (but not dramatic) problem with the offline documentation: The back and forward buttons within the Help Viewer app don't work. We haven't found out yet if this is an issue with the Help Viewer app or with the help bundle (or both), but we stay on the ball.

Can it happen that all previous file versions disappear?: Yes, but this has nothing to do with the HSD Versions Cleaner. For instance, if you start your Mac from different start volumes from time to time, all previous file versions saved on other visible volumes disappear for whatever reason.


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